Wrap It & Reuse It

Wrap It & Reuse It

Hey Urban Echo Fans,

Just a quick note here to talk about wrapping paper.  Usually we realize the amount of waste we create loading up the recycling bin the day after Christmas.  Let's get creative about wrapping.  Here are a couple ideas I'll be trying.

-Baskets - You can use a good quality basket for anything.  

-Old Maps - I use my phone for so much to get around it's  time to get creative with the maps I don't need.

-Old Magazines - I love magazines and I have no idea what to do with the old copies of Outside littering my home.  This is a great way to give them a second life.  

-Recycled Shopping Bags - Keep your gift a surprise in a reusable shopping bag and get years of use out of it.  

-Snack Bags or Lunch Bags - Same idea as the shopping bag.  Keep wrapping paper AND sandwich bags out of the landfill.  

-You Kid's Art - Yes, junior is a budding Picasso but how much of this stuff do you need to keep around the house.  Grandparents will love it and you'll love getting it out the door. 

-Rethink the Gift - A gift doesn't have to be a thing... experiences are always way better.

Just a couple ideas I had.  Let us know if you have anymore good ones.  


The Urban Echo